Many people are wondering, in fact the liquid is made of any material, anyway? Or anyone asks, what is the content contained in liquid? Do not worry, the liquid vape is composed of the materials that are clearly in existence. It is not composed of a mixture of unclear ingredients.

One of the professional liquid vape makers in the United States, Russel Mills, calls himself “Juicemaster General”. Why? Because he has a variety of liquid taste with his own hands. Russel stated that he used four types of materials to produce a liquid. All the ingredients that he needs to produce liquid are also quite easy to get.

Russel uses glycerin from vegetables as the main ingredient for vape making. Usually the professional liquid vape industry uses glycerin from certified organic vegetables. Glycerin of this vegetable does not affect the taste on the liquid, but it affects the amount of vapor that comes out of the vape.

The next vape making material is propylene glycol. Many people consider this propylene glycol as the same substance as diethylene glycol function in e-cigarettes. Propylene glycol on liquid vape serves as an albuterol or asthma inhaler. Albuterol is useful for expanding the airways thus securing the vapor suction process from vape.

Glycol propylene texture is thinner than vegetable glycerine so it is the propylene glycol that is capable of affecting the taste of the liquid. The flavors available in liquid usually depend on the mixture of propylene glycol made. Liquidators usually have their own way of making a proprietary glycol mixture naturally or man-made depending on the flavor they want to create.

Then the last material needed for the manufacture of liquid vape is nicotine. The liquid makers generally provide liquid with varied nicotine content, ranging from 0-12 mg of nicotine. This is what makes vape different from cigarettes, because not all liquid vape contain nicotine. Different with tobacco cigarettes that should definitely contain nicotine.

There is no question about liquid content in vape because it clearly shows what the liquid is. Vape users should be cautious about using liquid. Because many liquid manufacturers do not clear the process of manufacture and sell liquid at very cheap prices. Before buying liquid, you should first search the brand of the liquid.